Reasons why Pulse would not be able to run the update documentation


If you get an error while running the update documentation:

Here are the different reasons why Pulse would not be able to update the documentation:

  1. User Name and Password are wrong in Pulse Instance settings. They have to be the credentials of a TM1 admin user:

  2. Cam namespace is wrong in Pulse instance settings (Cam namespace is case sensitive)

  3. When a new TM1 instance is created: restart Pulse services (Pulse will add }src TM1 processes to the TM1 instance) and then you will have to restart the TM1 instance for TM1 to pick up these new TM1 processes.

  4. Pulse version prior 5.4.2 do not support the new SSL certificates, if you are using an old version of Pulse with new SSL certificates, you have to upgrade to the latest Pulse version (Currently latest version is v5.5.1).

  5. Pulse may not be able to reach the TM1 data folder. Check user account which is running Pulse services: Pulse might be running with an account that does not have access to the TM1 data folders.

  6. Pulse can’t find the TM1 bin folder, you need to check the TM1 Bin directory in the Pulse configurations:

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