Pulse FAQ

In this post, you will find a compilation by the administrators of the most frequently questions asked about Pulse. This post will be updated over time. When it will be updated it will go back to the top of the topic list.

Pulse downloads are available in the Pulse Clients category.


Where is the license folder?

Why Pulse can’t see TM1 instances?

Why Pulse for TM1 does not start anymore?
You should check:
Security issue:
User who is running Pulse services needs to have access to TM1 data folder
User who is running TM1 services needs to have access to Pulse for TM1 folder
Database corrupted:
Try to rename Pulse databases (docs.h2 to docs.h2old and Monitor.db to Monitor.dbold) and restart Pulse
Antivirus: Antivirus should skip the Pulse for TM1 folder

How to reset Pulse Admin password?


My documentation doesn’t work! What should I check?

Are control objects include in the technical diagrams?
To include control objects in the relation diagram and source control, you need to set to true the parameter IncludeControlObject in the Pulse.cfg file: Including control objects and bedrock processes to source control and dependencies - Cubewise CODE

Can Pulse compare 2 TM1 servers?
Yes, Compare Two TM1 Servers Using Pulse - Cubewise CODE


Does Pulse track data changes?
No, Pulse does not track cube data, Pulse tracks by default:
• Cube structure
• Dimension structure (Creation, Deletion, Create/Delete attributes)
• Processes, rules, chores and applications
• Elements and attribute values in a dimension are tracked only if Source level is activated.

Does Pulse track TM1 Group/User security changes?
No, security changes are stored in security cubes and are considered as data.

Does Pulse track dimension element changes?
By default, Pulse only stores the name of a dimension and the types of attributes in source control. However you can enable Source Control for certain dimensions:


My data in my cube hasn’t been migrated to my new environment, what’s wrong?
Pulse migrate only the cube structure.

Does Pulse migrate attribute values?
Yes, if Source Level is activated

May I run TM1 process during migration package execution? Yes

Why am I unable to migrate a dimension?
Pulse will only migrate dimensions below 5000 elements as default

When a Pulse Package is created, does it include security objects?
No, Pulse - Security Objets - Migration Package

Can Pulse migrate views and subsets?
No with a Live package but you can include views and subset in an offline package


More information about Pulse can be found in the Help section: