Waterfall chart - config options?


Hi guys, Does anyone know whether or how the waterfall chart can actually be configured so that I can use variances directly instead of providing totals and let the waterfall chart calculate it? This would be far more useful.

Typical use case: First column is Budget “All Locations”, last column is Actual “All Locations”. The waterfall should then represent the Actual/Budget variance for each location. Apparently I could only achieve this with the current waterfall directive by calculating something like “Budget All Locations + Variance Location x”, which would be kind of stupid because I already have the value that should be used in the waterfall in the first place. Hope that makes sense…


Hi @aalex,

That is how we have currently implemented it to make it as simple as possible. In your case it may be easier to build the chart directly using JavaScript.


Hi @tryan,

I have just encountered the same issue as @aalex and I think it would be great if you could revisit the current implementation of Waterfall charts as it is fundamentally different from the way they are normally implemented and used.

Waterfall/Bridge charts can be extremely useful for variance/breakdown analysis, especially for TM1 financial data, but not so much for trend analysis - which is what it is essentially currently doing. I agree with @aalex that the standard implementation would be much more useful.

Please see an example below of Excel 2016, which is using a typical waterfall chart implementation, compared to Canvas on the same simple data set.

Data set:

Excel 2016:



Hi Piotr,

We have a different version of the waterfall chart on the roadmap (not top priority at the moment though). In C3 we have already implemented another type of waterfall chart but it is not very generic yet - you can get in touch with me in case you want to have the code to maybe cover your specific use case.



Hi Andreas,

I am glad to hear that it is on the road map.

Actually, in my case I think I should be able to work it around by using extra TM1 calculations, but I will let you know if I struggle with this.



Hi CW Code team;

Was this fixed in the latest Canvas release v. 3.0.1…?


Hi @Nacho_Libre,

No this fix is not part of v3.0.1, we’ll update this post once the fix is included in a release.