UX's Title Element selection just keep spinning

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Our customer was asking why the title element just keep spinning, the solution is to restart UX service, but this is happening way more often then it should, anyone have similar experience? And how to fix this permanently? It does not happen to ADMIN users, only happen to normal user, but these normal users are Group CXO, restarting the service so many times just to make display work doesn’t seems to be a correct way to deal with the problem.

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Hi Tat,

I haven’t seen this before. We need some additional information. Is the issue for all filters or just for a specific filter? Is the ssue confined to a single screen or for all screens?

Usually the “defaut element” value should be empty to allow the current value for the hierarchy to be set. The waiting icon could show if the setting service value isn’t present in the defined list for the filter. How is the list defined? If it is MDX then maybe there’s an issue with the MDX in how element security is now evaluated during all stages of execution and not just applied as a filter at the end. Hence the MDX returns empty for users but works for Admin? More information is needed but this is where I woudl start to look.

When happen next time, what information do you need?

@rwang and @srichardson has checked it together live while that is happening, it is happening quite often, so if it happen next time, then we can collect whatever is needed to fix this more permanently.

Hi @twong,

If it is resolved after restarting UX, maybe increasing the Java memory could help?

Just a guess, but is the setting to bring all attributes for the page set to True, and potentially the dimensions have a lot of Attributes, causing slowness combined with Security to users via rules?

hi @rmazziero ,

I also encountered the same problem with our clients, where all the dimensions on the filter bar are spinning. When the user refreshes the entire browser, it returns to normal. Regarding the suggestion of increasing the Java memory, how does it actually work? Is it configured on the client-side or server-side?

UX Version : 2022.06 FP4

Hi @Lance.Wang ,

The config of the Java Memory for Apliqo is on the Server side, this is the memory the Apliqo UX Tomcat service.
you can see details about it on this CODE article about Canvas, it is still similar, although the Tomcat version is updated for UX.

You can also see the steps on how to change it from this older post below…
I believe the only change is that the newer versions of UX would be using newer versions of Tomcat. On my machine is “tomcat9w.exe” for Version 2023.02 FP1.
everything else, should be the same to apply the changes:

On what you said that if a refresh on the Browser “solves” the spinning, might be that the issue is not on the server side, but maybe on the Browser and User machine…

You can check if in the Server Task manager, the Apliqo Application Server is consuming all or more RAM memory than what is set as the Maximum memory on the Java JVM. if it is, then this setting would help improve it, if not most likely it is an issue on the User side.

On the User machine, you can check on Task manager if the Browser is consuming all the RAM or CPU memory when this report is running and the issue appears. you can then test on the report different ways from there…

Hope this helps!


This is really helpful, thanks!!

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