Using "Update Documentation" as TM1 credential check


Many Pulse issues arise from not configuring the communication between Pulse and TM1 correctly i.e. either the TM1 credentials are entered incorrectly in Pulse, the password has changed and is no longer valid, or the TM1 account does not have the TM1 “Admin” privileges required by Pulse.

I have a Feature Request with Development to add a “Test Credentials” button to the Instance Settings page, but a good workaround is to invoke the “Administration | Update Documentation” function on a suspect TM1 instance. The documentation update process needs valid TM1 “Admin” credentials to run, and will report a failure otherwise.


Hi Joe,

Just adding to your comment, Pulse can use mechanisms to interact with the TM1 service(s):

  1. TM1 Java API
  2. TM1 C API

The Java API should be used unless, the TM1 Service(s) is(are) configured on Security Mode 3 (Windows Integrated Security). To configure this, Change the “UseCAPI” parameter from false to true.It is also important that when working on this security modes, the Pulse service must be running with a domain account that is an admin within the TM1 Service(s).