Pulse 6 - seperate server and security mode 3

Hi all,

Here is how pulse 5 was able to connect in security mode 3:

Does pulse 6 support tm1 security mode 3 (integrated logon)?

With Pulse 6 it is possible to control different servers.
Case study:
Only the monitor is on server A. On server B is the complete installation of Pulse (Monitor, Application, Elastic, Kibana).
Under which user the services must run?

Or is this no longer possible with Pulse 6 on different servers?

Thanks, Andy

Hi @andreas.gentner,

Yes Pulse 6 supports mode 3, in the TM1 instance setting, you need to tick Windows as sescurity type. Pulse will then use the user defined in the Windows service to authenticate with the TM1 instance
(The user needs to be a TM1 user with admin access).


By control, you mean monitor and start/stop TM1 services? Then yes. You only need to install the Pulse Monitor on the servers where TM1 will be running from.

Depending on security setup, it should just work even with Local System account.

Not sure about this question, but from an installation point of view, Pulse Server should normally be installed on one server, and the Pulse Monitors will be the one to be installed on local or remote servers where TM1 is running.



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