User Session "?" in Pulse

Under the User Sessions area of Pulse, I’m seeing records for a username “???”. What do these records represent? I’m guessing that it is some type of SYSTEM user which has been recorded by Pulse.

Hi @jmorison,

There is a process when a user logs in to TM1, they first connect and THEN log in to the server. Before the user logs in but is connected the user name is displayed as a question mark. Normally this time is short with TM1 native security but if you are using CAM this can take up to 30 seconds.

Thanks @tryan,

For anyone else out there reading this, we do not use CAM security.

So to clarify, this “???” user record could be generated from any user logging in?

Hi @jmorison,

We get this when users log in to TM1 Web with the incorrect password on integrated security (either mode 2 or 3). The “???” disappears after a while, don’t know exactly how long though.

Yes, it could be any of the security modes.