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I am wondering what is the definition of Authors here. What does it mean when Pulse says MIGRATION, ??? and TM1 Service Account as the author.

It is important to note that TM1 Service Account is the admin account that is used to log in to the instance. And all changes in the screenshot were triggered while executing a package.

Just trying to understand the logic behind the author name.

Bijo Varghese

Hi @bijo.varghese,

Pulse checks for changes in the following scenario:

  1. After Pulse executes the documentation
  2. By default every 30 sec (You can update this setting in Administration > Instance Settings)
  3. After the migration

The Author will depend on when Pulse looks for the changes:

  1. After the documentation finishes, if there is a change Pulse will set the Author as SYSTEM.
  2. During the change tracking, the author will be either username or if you are using CAM Security it will show AD/username (Pulse grabs the attribute }TM1_DefaultDisplayValue of the }clients dimension).
  3. After migration the Author will be MIGRATION

In your case, you are seeing Author is AD/TM1 Cognos Service Account, so I would assume that someone logged in with this user on the server and made a change.

In the case of Author is ???, this user is created when you login using CAM Security, TM1 shows ??? for around 30 sec, it might be longer and then display AD/username so I would assume that someone made a change very quickly before his/her name was updated by TM1.

More information about ??? in this post:

More information on the SYSTEM user in this post:

I hope this will help



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Thank you for your response, Vincent. In the screenshot attached, all the changes were part of one package execution during migration. Yet, some changes went through as MIGRATION, TM1 Cognos Service Account and others as ???.

It is noteworthy that the TM1 Congos Service Account is what we use on Pulse log into the instance, as it is an admin account.

Hi @bijo.varghese,

It looks like your package took several minutes to be deployed, at least from 11:25 to 11:42 (23 minutes), is this correct?
As pointed out by @Vincent, when a Package execution finishes, Pulse will record all the changes that were performed by the package associated to the MIGRATION user. I believe that in this case, the work of the Change Tracking can be noticed as it remains active during migration as well. if the package took a few minutes to execute, Pulse could have recorded changes (which by default tracks for changes every 30 seconds) of previous migration steps that were performed by the service account user. This would explain the different Authors reported in the change tracking page.

The ??? user refers to a CAM session and in this case, most likely these commits are referring to activity of the service account user during migration