Missing Control Cubes while Creating Package


I am trying to create a package to migrate few dimensions and their attributes. However, I can’t find the {ElementAttributes_* cubes within the create migration package wizard.

Could you kindly suggest what could be reason behind this?


Hi @bijo.varghese,

Are you trying to do a Live or an Offline migration?

Live migration

When you create a live migration package, Pulse does not migrate data ( .cub file are not migrated). For attributes it’s different because attribute definition is stored .dimx file and attributes values is stored in .dimd:

During an online migration:

If the dimension has less elements than MaximumElements parameter value in Pulse.cfg (by default it is set to 5,000), then Pulse will create the dimension, create the elements and then populate the attributes.

If the dimension has more elements than MaximumElements value, the dimension will be created without any elements so attributes won’t be migrated as-well.

Offline migration

For offline migration, the }ElementAttributes_ cube should be included in the package:


I hope this help,


Thanks Vincent for your response. Makes sense now.

Just few follow ups, can I go into Pulse.cfg and change the default value from 5000 to say 10000? Would have any affect on package creation time?

Also, whether we go for Live or Offline Migration, the choice appears at the end of the migration process. Does that mean, if we choose offline, Pulse is clever enough to include }ElementAttributes*.cub & }ElementSecurity*.cub without explicitly selecting it in the initial stages of the package creation wizard?


Yes, Pulse is super smart! If you create an offline package, you just need to add the dimension and Pulse will find the dependencies such as the }ElementAttributes*.cub of the dimension.

Yes, you can update the MaximumElements in the Pulse.cfg as it is described in this help article:

WARNING: Increasing the value may cause Pulse to run out of memory if it is a very large value so use with caution.

For large dimension, we recommend populating the elements by running a TM1 process. It is going to be much faster than asking Pulse to recreate all elements. You can ask Pulse to run a TM1 process while it is executing the migration package (Pulse will migrate the dimension structure and then run the process to populate the elements):


That is brilliant! Thanks Vincent. You have been incredibly helpful as always.

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