iFrame Widget Not Working?

Hello Cubewisers,

I’m looking for some help using the iFrame widget. When we create one and specify a URL address, nothing happens, we are left with just a blank box. I can’t find any more information about using this type of widget in any of the training docs, release notes, or demos. Is anyone able to give us some pointers?


There is an iFrame example in the Apliqo_Demo. It should be as simple as putting the url in to the “scr” settings. However, not all target pages support iFrame. Check the Browser Console for errors like “Refuse to frame”.

Thanks for your reply @Adam. I needed to update the Data directories in the samples instances, this resolved the demo issues.

I also got the iFrames to work in the end, I just needed to navigate away from the page and back again, for some reason the widgets would only render correctly when I did that.