How can I disable the 'Toggle View Definition' in the drill dialog?

Hi everyone,

I have two questions. Firstly, how can I set the ‘toggle view definition’ button to be disabled by default? Secondly, how can I make all displayed results ReadOnly? Thank you

UX version :2023.10

A very similar question was asked recently How to disable instance and cube source selection in TM1 Widget Cube View

For now there is only the option to disable the entire toolbar in advanced options.


But we have a ER (which hopefully should be available in the Feb 2024 release) to individually toggle each component in the cube viewer toolbar on or off.

In the meantime the only option is to selectively hide toolbar components is to use custom CSS and I see from your screenshot it looks like you already did this for instance, cube and view dropdowns. So you would just need to do the same for the view definition button.

Or if you use full MDX rather than a cube view then the toolbar and view definition drag & drop zones are all automatically hidden.

Hi cw-ch,

I’ve attempted the advanced option with ‘cubeView’: {‘toolbarVisible’: false}, but it didn’t yield the desired results, as seen in the figures below. I’m uncertain if this approach extends to the drill windows. Currently, I haven’t use any CSS. Additionally, I can have a try with CSS as well

Regarding my second question, how can the ReadOnly=True effect be achieved in the results presented within the drill window?

You can make the cube viewer read only the same way as for a grid widget or view just with

“table”: {
“readOnly”: true

Btw, I successfully achieved the goal by setting custom-style.css

cell-drill-modal div.dimension-region-wrapper {
  display: none !important; 

but, in the drill windows there is no place to setup advanced options