How to disable instance and cube source selection in TM1 Widget Cube View

Hi Apliqo Expert,
I created a dashbaord based on the info in Picture 1 below using TM1 Widget with cube view option.

Picture 1,

However, I found that the instance and cube still are able to be selected in the dashboard as Picture 2

Picture 2,

I tried to find all the settings, but there is no such feature can be used to disable the selection. Maybe I overlook it. Please advise. Thanks.


Hi, there is one option that is not listed in the advanced options GUI that will allow you to hide the whole toolbar:
“toolbarVisible”: false

At the moment there are no separate options to set the visibility of cube, instance or view selection.

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We have used CSS overrides to to selectively hide specific components of the Cube Viewer toolbar. For example, something like the below would hide the cube selection button for the widget with the specified ID:

#widget_normal_card_a1\.z1\.t1\.v1\.w1 {
  button[uib-tooltip="Select Cube"] {
    visibility: hidden !important;
    width: 0px !important;

You can use DevTools to inspect the other component names and selectively hide those as well.


I have tried the following method, but still couldn’t work. Please help to correct my mistake if I am using the wrong method to override the css. Thanks.

In the advance setting, I am using the snippest to refer to the style that I want

In dev_beplanning, the html htmlSnippet look likes below:

Please advise.