Grid Widget - Merge Cells


I am new here in the forum and need some expert knowledge.

I am looking for a way to connect individual cells in the gridwidget.

As far as I understand, handsontable is used in the background. There is on cell level the merge-cells function →

Can this also be used in the GridWidget? And if so, how does it work? I am grateful for support and any hints!!!

Hi @AndiF

I think what you are wanting is actually the “Row Span”. This will automatically merge repeated values in the outer dimensions when you have stacked dimensions on rows. In the cube settings select the Product dimension and make sure that the Row Span option is set to enabled.

“Connecting individual cells” is something quite different. This can be done by inserting a column and then using a custom DBRW formula to retrieve a value from any cell. At least this is what I would understand by “connecting individual cells”. Power User - Intermediate Course | Training | Apliqo End User