Executing TM1 process during migration


With Pulse migration feature, you can migrate TM1 objects from one instance to another without restarting the target instance.

Pulse provides a structured approach to migration, which follows four important steps (steps 2 and 3 can be skipped if you are moving changes between instances on the same server):

  1. Create migration package: Gather all TM1 objects you want to migrate into one package from one source instance.
  2. Download the migration package from the server.
  3. Import the migration package into the target server.
  4. Execute migration package: Import all TM1 objects from the package to the target instance

There are 2 types of packages:

  • Live Update: The execution of packages can be performed while the server is still running in most cases.
  • Offline Update: Pulse will create a folder with the TM1 object files. You can then copy the files manually into the target instance.

If you want to use the Live Update, it is important to know that Pulse migrate the TM1 objects but not the data. For example if you use Pulse to migrate a cube, Pulse will migrate the cube with its dimensions but not the data inside. The cube in the target instance will be empty.

Since Pulse v5.3.2, you can now run a TM1 process during the package execution. For example, you can now migrate a cube and ask Pulse to run the TM1 process which loads the data during the package execution, more information in the following link:

Pulse FAQ