Control objects' attributes - }Processes and }Cubes

Hi team,

Is there a way in Pulse to migrate attributes created for control objects, in particular }Processes and }Cubes?

We currently reference these attributes in a lot of our TIs (e.g. defining datasource, creating security, etc).



Hi @AndrewW,

Pulse deliberately excludes these dimensions because are self-managed by the TM1 Server. A way to tackle this requirement would be to have these dimensions cloned and then use Pulse to track and migrate the cloned dimensions to the target server, the migration package could use a TI that syncs the Control Dimensions with the Cloned Dimensions at the end of its execution.

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Thanks Erik,

Happy with that alternative solution.


Or you could have a rule in the control object attribute cubes which pulls values from the custom attribute cubes. Then there is no need to change anything except create the new objects.