Bug: Pulse: Error during Documentation Update

Hi @sve2617,

There could be different reasons why Pulse would not be able to run the update documentation. In the following post you will find the main reasons why Pulse would not be able to run the update documentation:

In the Pulse for TM1\logs\Pulse.log error file you will find more details about the cause of your issue.



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Hi Vincent,

thanks for response.

We have no connection problems between TM1 and Pulse. So, the documentation update process identifies a specific TI where problems arise. I have restarted the process to check the log file for errors. Iā€™m afraid that Pulse has a problem with the special character $. But this is necessary because data access is done to a hidden drive.

At the end of the log file I get an end message of the process, but I do not know how successful the process was. Was the process aborted at the point with the first error? Or did the process complete and ignore the error cases?
We have over 1000 TIs and 50 cubes in this TM1 model.

Hi sve2617,

In this case Pulse has skipped this process, and is reporting the error to the log, The other TIs and else TM1 Objects should have been documented and available for browsing. A quick workaround would be to change the data source name of this TI to be dynamic, i.e. to be set within the Prolog tab reading the Path from a Settings Cube.



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Hi Erik,

thanks for your answer. Yes I can do that, but we have more then one TI with ā€˜$ā€™-character :wink: The normal way is to set the data source dynamically. But in some cases we put the data source directly (especially in older TIs). And the other point is that we need this as a data source to be able to develop the TI (remote).

I have now checked the TI list in Pulse. I noticed that the TI is not listed with the error, but other TIs that use the same path information are listed however. Is there another problem?

Hi @sve2617

We have added a fix for this, And will come as part of the next release.

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