Alert for Chore Execution

Hi Guys,

Can Pulse send email alerts after execution of a particular Chore is complete?


Hi @girish,

To get an email alert when a chore is complete, you will need to use a Message in Log alert:

  1. Create a TI with a LogOutPut function such as LogOutput (‘INFO’, '‘Chore MyChore is complete!’);
  2. Add this new TI at the end of your chore
  3. Create a Message in Log Pulse alert to search for the string Chore MyChore is complete

The idea is each time your chore will complete, your new TI will send a string Chore MyChore is complete to the TM1 logs and when Pulse will find this string, it will send you an email.

More information in this article:

Of course. You don’t need LogOutput, you can do it even simpler than suggested by @Vincent
Just create a “Message in Log” type alert which looks for the string
“Chore “Your chore name here” finished executing”
(note that if the server language is specified as something other than EN then the standard message will be different).


Thanks @cw-ch and @Vincent.

I used “Chore “ Your chore name here ” finished executing” message for Alert and it is working fine.


This attaches a screenshot of the pulse dashboard and other messages that end users won’t probably get. How can I modify the body of the email so that it’s end user friendly?

Hi @gemmo,
I am not sure about this.

@Vincent, Is there anyway we can modify the message for alerts from Pulse?


answer provided here:



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