Modify email body of Pulse email alert


Is there a way to set up my own email template as an alert.
End user don’t necessarily want all the other stuff that comes with the default alert.


Hi @gemmo,

Pulse provides the a way to customise the alert template, which sits here:

Pulse for TM1/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/alert-templates/default.hbs

you can modify the above, which will apply to all alerts or, You can have different layouts by Alert Type, The only thing you have to do is to add a .hbs file under the alert-templates folder by type. The types are listed as follows:

  • Server CPU.hbs
  • Server Disk Free.hbs
  • Server Memory.hbs
  • Server Log.hbs
  • Cancel Thread.hbs
  • Threads.hbs
  • Service CPU.hbs
  • Service Memory.hbs
  • Service Not Responding.hbs
  • Rollback Event.hbs
  • Run Time.hbs
  • Threads Waiting.hbs
  • Wait Time.hbs
  • Error Log.hbs

Note that there are some of the above apply to either at Server Level or Service level.