Zero Suppression with Sub-Views


I’m trying to create a wizard in UX, but I think this is more of a view question. I have a view with two sub-views. I would like the first sub-view to zero suppress the rows based on the selected columns (this is fine). I would like the second sub-view (it has additional dimensions as title element) to use the same row elements and for the columns to appear regardless of whether the cells are zero or not (I want the user to enter data here). The problem I’m facing is that the column from the second sub-view does not display if there is no data in that second view.

Is there a way to force columns of the the second sub-view to appear if there is data in the first sub-view?


Can you post a screenshot @R.B? Maybe a picture might be worth 1000 words. Your use case is pretty much what sub-views were designed to solve. So it sounds odd that this isn’t working. Say you have 2018 on year and actual on version on the filter of 1st sub view and 2019 and forecast on the filter of 2nd. Assume simple data entry for forecast. The data present in the first sub view should drive the rows which have zero suppression switched on. In the columns you can have zero suppression switched on or off.
It isn’t just that you have zero suppression switched on in the columns?

Hi @R.B
@tganz also pointed out that what you are experiencing might be because you aren’t aware of the feature to “join” the row dimension of different sub-views to be based on data in the 1st sub-view. This is a bit hidden right at the bottom of the view configuration for the row dimension. You might need to scroll down to see it.
You enter the name of the column element that the zero-suppression should be based on for the other sub-views. The UX will then build a custom MDX for the rowset for the other sub-views that is based of a cube query to the cube used as datasource in the 1st sub-view.
Note: Once this is done then you shouldn’t enable zero supression on rows for the other sub-views!!

Thanks, now I’ve set that it works as I was expecting.

The suppress zero setting seems to be set for the dimension, not the sub-view as if I change it in one view it changes in the other.

So this one is solved?

Yes. I linked the second sub-view to a measure in the first sub-view. Because I can only link to a single element, I may need to create a dummy measure that is populated whenever other elements are populated. I think you referred to this in another post.

But another question, by linking to a measure in the first cube does it mean that where elements are populated in the second sub-view, but not the first, they will not be shown?

Yes as in the back ground the rowset is being built by an MDX filter query with WHERE <> 0 for the specified column and combination of other filter elements.

Is it possible to toggle zero suppression in pop up views?

Not currently (for popups or dashboard grid widgets). But this is planned for the release after the immediate next one. (Target for May)