XLS Upload


Are there any instructions on how to use the XLS upload in Apliqo UX? I couldn’t see an example in the samples and couldn’t select it as a widget type in any of the objects I created.


Excel upload is a new feature. Do you know what version you are using?
With 2.1.1 you should be able to select “xls-upload” as a widget type. It’s also included in the demo application.

Basically in the widget you define a cube source and a row and column dimension. All other dimensions can be left undefined which means their values as filter will be sourced from the context of where the popup widget was launched from. You also have the ability to set the context dimensions as fixed value or as filter. (If fixed and element value is empty then this is in effect the same as if left undefined, except you also have the option as report developer whether the user sees the selected element value or not). If a dimension is moved to filter then the initial value is taken from the context of the home view but you give the use the ability to re-map.
For example these settings in the demo application …

Product is rows therefore element names for product must be in column A
Period is column therefore element names for period must be in row 1
Year is fixed but value in the view setup is empty. Therefore it displays the value 2012 from the context of the home view from where the popup was launched. But the user can’t change it.
All other dimensions are left undefined. So values are taken from the view from where the popup was launched but the user can neither see nor change them.
And this is what the user sees in the application …

Stacked rows and columns are supported. The only limitation is that the file must be in exactly the expected row/column layout without any padding columns to left or rows above.

Hi @cw-ch,

My experience previously was that XLS upload was not working with stacked columns (where you have total of LY AC, total of LY FC and then BU all months).

Has this been fixed in the latest version? I couldn’t see the release notes.

I had some files that weren’t updated and the picklist wouldn’t accept the xls-upload selection. I’ve updated them and I can now select that widget type. However, the text on the button isn’t visible.

Looks like a button formatting issue. If you have cleared cache and done a full browser refresh then probably something not right in the settings. Here’s the advanced options for the toolbar popup button from the demo application.

  "toolbarButton": {
    "class": "btn-success",
    "iconClass": "fa fa-file-excel-o"

Thanks. That works.

FYI - The issue can be reproduced in the demo application by just adding an XLS upload widget to a toolbar.