Wrong layout when exporting to PDF

Hi everyone,
I am having an issue with exporting an Apliqo dashboard to PDF. The dashboard uses a flexible layout, having several widgets placed next to each other. Basically they are arranged horizontally.
When exporting the dashboard to PDF, the defined layout gets lost and the widgets are shown one below the other.
I couldn’t find any option to control the behaviour for that particular purpose.
Is there a way to configure the behaviour for the export to use the defined layout from the dashboard without rearranging the widgets in the output file?

This is the same as when exporting to PDF from any dashboard not just with flex-grid layout.
Export to PDF of a dashboard is always one-widget-at-a-time. This is so that the full content of each widget is shown in the export. This is because due to difference in screen resolution widgets could have internal scrollbars and have incomplete on-screen content.

There is currently no concept of export on-screen layout as is to PDF. If you have this requirement then you need to take a screenshot of the browser window.

Being able to do this is on the enhancement request list already. You are not the first one with this issue.

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