Wizard Buttons Disappear When Pressing the Browser Back Button


The wizard buttons disappear if the browser back button is used. This can be reproduced in the demo model by going through a couple of steps in the feature library and then pressing the browser back button. The wizard buttons, steps and sub-steps disappear.

Is this a known issue?

Hi @R.B

The wizard is deliberately designed not to work with the browser back and forward. This is because getting between sub-steps or steps may require validation. Hence it also isn’t possible to navigate via URL directly to a step or sub-step only to the wizard front screen.

I would therefore expect hitting browser back to take you to either the 1st page of the wizard OR the screen you were on before the wizard.

I can’t actually replicate the behaviour you describe but as browser back/forward navigation isn’t supported in the wizard then this isn’t something we are going to spend time investigating.

If that was happening it would be an explainable behavior, but when half the screen disappears, it just looks like it doesn’t work. Additionally, when the page is refreshed to start again, a blank page is returned.

The attached video shows the issue.
BackButton.zip (2.3 MB)

Hi @R.B
Thanks for the video! I would never have been able to replicate without it (you never mentioned clicking refresh after back).
Yes for sure although forward/back shouldn’t work with the wizard for sure we shouldn’t have an empty white non-responsive screen after back and refresh. We will have a look at it. @tganz @srichardson