Widget : How to disable the "Action Menu" button?

@Lance.Wang there isn’t a way to hide it at the moment.

May I ask why do u want to hide it ?

we can add this to the backlog requests

We are preparing a dashboard(POC) for a higher-level manager and he prefers a simple and clean dashboard ,therefore I wonder if it can be disable or not.

It is something you could definately add as a feature request at https://bitbucket.org/apliqoc3ux/apq-c3-ux/issues

@Lance.Wang another possibility to make it cleaner is to set the "“showTopBorder” parameter to false which in turns hides the entire “Gross Margin” title bar (including the Action Menu). You can then put the grid title of “Gross Margin” to the row label.

This would also hide access to the other icons (e.g., suppress zero, etc) until you toggle into edit mode so it depends if the user needs access to those buttons.

@wwang :smiley: Got it and thanks a lot