What triggers Pulse TIs?

We have a TM1 database developed on a server with Pulse on it.

Now it’s at the client site (without Pulse) and the }src_… TIs are running and producing errors.

There is no chore. What is kicking them off?

Hi @mmacdonnell

These TIs are executed by the Change Tracking and Documentation features of Pulse only, which are executed directly form Pulse. In order to verify that this installation does not have Pulse, please check, that indeed the “Pulse For TM1” and “Pulse Application Server” services do not exist or are really stopped. You can also use Task Manager and check if the “pulsesd.exe” and “pulseas.exe” processes are alive in the OS.



Hi Eric,


That’s what I thought.

I’m not there at the moment, I just got sent some error logs, but I know Pulse is not running on the server. The server it was developed on (with Pulse) is in the same domain. Could it somehow be triggering a database on a different server?

Hi @mmacdonnell,

Not really, currently Pulse does not support the tracking of remote TM1 instances, because, Pulse will only work locally with the TM1 severs that are detected as windows services in the local box. If it is confirmed that Pulse definitively is not installed in the Production Box, the only way I could see this happening is through the TM1 Admin server.

Is the TM1 admin sever shared between Production and Development?