What is considered the best practice approach to migration of TM1 objects?

Using Pulse is a “Live” migration considered a better approach than “off-line” option due the manual steps?
Is a segregation or separation of duties also recommended? In a small team can this separation be based on who created the package and versus the executor of the migration?

In Pulse is there away to record UAT has been completed and any associated UAT documentation? Alternatively what is the recommended approach for linking packages to UAT sign off and documentation?

I assuming development environments, test environment/s production environment/s is consider the recommended landscape. We copy our prod environment to the test environment regularly to give the most realistic UAT environment, is there potential for this to be automated in Pulse.

Is the recommendation to have a regular schedule for Production migration eg once a week or month? If so what features does Pulse provide to support a schedule update?

Do you have a Blog on this topic?