What are your favourite shortcuts in Arc?

Hi all,

There are many “hidden” shortcuts in Arc, such as holding CTRL to enable multi-cursor and edit many variables at the same time.

Let’s use this post to share your favourite shortcuts in Arc.



CTRL+ / (comment / uncomment lines of code)

ALT + Cursor (select code and type in all selected lines at the same time)

I have yet mastered all shortcuts but those ones are useful for me.

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alt+shift+down to quickly duplicate current line (very useful when you know you will write more than couple of similar lines)

ctrl+space for auto-completion (extra points for @datasource snippets in prolog and output variables snippets in data)

drag’n’dropping objects from navigation pane to rule or TI to generate ExecuteProcess or CellPutN/DB snippets


alt+shift+down also :heart:, and

ctr+Click on CellPut, CellGet, ATTR, DB and other functions and rules for open objects from TI or Rules, such as views or other Rules.


CTRL+SHIFT+M to hide or unhide the menu on the left hand side pane.


Alt + down/up to move the selected line down or up. Especially useful if you use the copy line shortcut the. Move down :ok_hand:


Maybe all have already been mentioned, but I will add too as it is game changer!! :slight_smile:

When developing new models:
CTRL+Space for auto-completion and Snippets. Also in the arc Folder you can add your own snippets with starting with a pattern, for example i have a whole lot starting with @RM… that saves time, really good!

CTRL + / for comment and uncomment blocks of code.

When analysing/review existing code:
CTRL+Click is one of the best “hidden” ones! To click on top of ExecuteProcess, ATTRS, CellGet, DB, and navigate directly to that source object!

On Cube Viewer:
The “simple” right-click directly on dimensions on Rows and columns! Can do so many things: select different levels, expand all, Keep, delete, leaves only, change Alias and Attributes… super good!

Searching from the list on the side panel:
t:p {name of process} to show only processes, with the pattern typed
t:c {name of cube} to show only cubes, with the pattern typed


CTRl + Space for auto completion
CTRL + M Hide or show the menu
CTRL + D Delete a line
CTRL + / Comment / Uncomment
CTRL + F Search
CTRL + H Search and Replace

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I think universal shortcuts aren’t relevant here (like Ctrl+F, Ctrl+H for find/replace. These should just work in any text editing application in any OS).

Things that are unique for code editing or unique for Arc are where the real utility is. My favourites are
Ctrl + D delete selected lines
Ctrl + SHIFT + F fold/expand region toggle
Ctrl + / comment/uncomment toggle

Thanks, everyone for your input!

We gathered the most important ones into this new blog post:

I hope it will help Arc developers to be even more productive now.




I think most of the ones I use have been mentioned but there are a few others that I use frequently!

Tab - Useful with snippets to tab through arguments of a function and update the value. You can also combine this with Shift to go back to the previous argument.
Ctrl + Alt + Left / Right arrow - Add multi cursor to next / previous occurrence of the current selection
Ctrl + Alt + K - Highlight all occurrences of the current selection to the current tab e.g Prolog
Ctrl + Alt + Click and drag mouse - Add multi cursor to multiple lines in the same place. Useful for moving function arguments of snippets to single or multiple lines.
Ctrl + P - Move cursor to matching opening / closing bracket. You can also combine this with Shift to highlight everything between the start and end. I find this particularly useful for MDX statements when you want to go to next argument with a inner / outer function or remove the value of a current argument.


Ctrl + P is a good one!

I’m a little partial to Alt + Shift + F to auto-format the current code page.

I might also be biased :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to practice using these so I don’t forget them like a goldfish.