What are the highlighted messages?

What are these messages I get when executing a package? Did it fail or complete successfully? The log was not helpful to me either? Is there a document that can help me interpret these messages nad redo what failed?

Hi @crothman,

Pulse is trying to delete a RUX file after using RuleLoadFromFile but it TM1 still has a lock on it. We have seen this recently, what version of TM1 are you using?

Thanks for responding!
Our client is on 10.2.2. So should I do some clean up somewhere?

Hi @crothman,

What is the fix pack? We will look into the issue and see if we can work around it.

Sorry. I should have been more specific. My client is on FP6. We had to roll back from FP7 due to bugs we encountered.

Actually I was just informed that the rollback didn’t work so we have 10.2.2 FP7 IF16.