Watch a category to receive automatic notifications for new posts


To receive automatic notifications for all new topics of a specific category, you can set the category to Watched.

Set one category to watch

To watch/track a category, you can select the category for instance for Arc ( and then use the button on the top right where you can choose to Watch or Track:

Manage your watched category from your user profile

You can manage all watched categories in your user profile:

  1. Go to your user profile (click your icon and then your name):

  2. Go to the Preferences tab:

  3. Click Category on the left and you should see the Watched section where you should see all the categories you are watching:

  4. Add the Category you want to watch, in this example we add the Arc category:

  5. Finally click the Save button

There are lots of other settings you can change on your user profile such as receiving an activity summary when you don’t visit the forum.