Visualisation Template displaying numeric values in the axis when you zoom into the focus chart


When you are viewing the Visualisation template and select the Lines with Focus Chart and then zoom into a small section of the months ie say between July and August numeric values appear in the axis between July and August.

eg it shows: Jul 7.2 7.4 7.6 7.8 Aug

Which I’m guessing because it is seeing ‘Jul’ as 7 in the background


Hi @njanetzki,

That is the normal behaviour of the underlying chart framework. And also because it has originally intended zooming for huge data sets.




This would be fine if the data was numerical, however the axis is referring to dates. Therefore looks very weird displaying a numeric as the minor areas.


Hi @njanetzki,

Then I will suggest to use a different chart type instead – like just a normal line chart.

The above is a variation of the line chart, but with a zoom-in feature.



Probably because the chart has to interpolate on the zoom as the base granularity is monthly. If the base granularity was daily I’m betting it would then show the days?


Hi @cw-ch,

It was more of how you setup the data, labels and how it handles zooming. Those are default behaviors from the chart.

And yes, the reason for the 7 was because that is what the chart maps it to on that axis. We just provided the label ‘Jul’ to it. And this means also that if your x-axis has Jul to Dec, then you will see here 1.2, 1.4, etc. instead (because the x-axis now starts with 1, which is our ‘Jul’ label).

For more advance information on zooming and how to better handle them, here is the link to the charting framework:

You can then further customize the behavior by providing an override via tm1-options-override attribute.