Views - Hide columns as a Default


I have created a view in Apliqo UX in which I have three groups of columns. I would like only one of those groups shown as a default when the view is open (the other two groups to be not shown unless the user selects them). Is this possible?


Hi @R.B no this isn’t possible at the moment. The view will open with all columns visible and then the user can close some column groups.
I agree it would be a useful feature to be able to specify a default configuration on opening the view for the first time. We are trialing a new bug and feature tracker. If you want you can be the first non team member to try it out and raise a feature request!

I assume (but not 100% sure) that like column widths if a column group is closed then this setting will be stored in the browser and if the user comes back to the view then it should remember the collapsed column configuration.