View with Column Master - Duplicated Column Headers

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We have a series of views that we’re stitching together using the Column Master feature. Currently, the column headers for the row dimensions are being duplicated for each view, is there a way to get the view to just show the ‘master’ column header?

We have tried setting this report up as a single view using an asynchronous MDX statement but the consolidation drill does not seem to work with an asynchronous MDX view.

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Do you have any workaround, I have the same issue?

I think this may need to be added as an enhancement request, at the moment it is the default behavior, I’m not sure there is a way to change it.

What I have done in those cases, is set the label of the row columns with 1 character like the dot “.”
Then create a custom CSS to make the font color transparent, and finally, apply this CSS class on the column 0.
This way, it won’t show up repeated, and it won’t make the row header column with a large width.
a bit of a workaround, but it does the trick.


.handsontable th.header-blank {
    color: transparent !important;

On the Grid advanced settings:

"columnFormat": {
  "0": [
      "className": "header-blank"

Hope it helps.

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@acandan I just had to rethink the design to avoid a joined table in this instance.

@rmazziero thanks for that tip, I’ll keep it in mind for the future!