View Styles in Arc / Slice


A few questions on the View Styles in Arc.

  1. Is there are way to set a default font to use for a style? I could see that I could change the font for each of the different areas individually, but I could not see an overarching default. The question comes from the perspective an Excel Export (e.g. slice) with a smaller font size.
  2. Who can change these styles? Is there a way to make a corporate style read-only so that it isn’t change in error?
  3. Is there a way to have private styles or styles shared between a restricted group of people?


Hi @R.B sorry for the late reply.

  1. Not at present, but I think this would be possible. If you require this, please open a ticket at Cubewise CODE / Arc and Slice · GitLab.
  2. Anyone can save styles. Arc does not have it’s own login, so no security model. You can, however, make a view style read-only. If you look at the default.json view-style, you can see it has a ReadOnly flag:
    You can set a similar flag in any View Style (using a the built in json editor, or a standard text editor on the server) to prevent it from being edited or saved.
  3. There is no way to do this at present. If there is demand, we can definitely look at it. When you say “restricted groups”, are you referring to TM1 security groups, windows security groups or something else?