View Export to Excel from ARC - File size MUCH bigger than native tm1web

Recently found the export file size (from ARC) is much bigger than the same view export from TM1web cube view. it seems more obvious for large/bigger view, e.g. I have data export view having around 5000 rows * 40~50 columns (with both numbers and text), ARC export file size around 5~6MB, where the same view exported from TM1web only around 1MB.

Also it seems it is much slower in ARC export, not sure if it is because a larger file need to be prepared?

It is a Native View, ARC version is 2.2. actually above is tested from our timesheet/expense cube.

Hi @lwang,

The export is happening in the browser using JavaScript compared to TM1Web where I believe it is created on the server.

I see. I can understand in terms of the performance. but still surprise in file size, because when checking the content, are the exactly same, xls format.

Arc is xlsx not xls. You can check out the difference if they are both xlsx. Just unzip the file and you will see the contents, it is xml.

cool, didn’t know .xlsx can be unzipped. actually I was wrong, both files are .xlsx.
It seems TM1Web has better compression ratio? the original sheet1.xml is actually bigger. 8.8M => 1M
where ARC export didn’t do any compress 5.4M => same size of the .xlsx file.

Hi @lwang,

I think we can add a compression option, can you please create a enhancement request?