Vertically joined views - stacked column dimensions

Hi Apliqo team, I was about to post this in bitbucket but wasn’t sure whether I should classify as “bug” or “enhancement”. Started playing around with the new vertically stacked views, which we are very excited about regarding the possibilities of use cases!

However, noticed that it doesn’t seem to work with more than 1 column dimension. Namely, if we have more than one dimension on the columns (and setting the same element combination for both views), no view generates and I see the continuously spinning circle icon.

Just wanted to check w/ the Apliqo team whether is this a limitation you are aware of or if is a bug I should report in Bitbucket. For reference, I’m on v2023.05 (not sure if issue has been addressed already in FP1).

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Experiencing the same. The release notes do say it should work with stacked dimensions, so this must be a bug.