UX workflow - assign TI to Step

Hey Everybody,

I want to execute a TI process (without any parameters) when a user hits the Next button. I have a mapping workflow with quite a lot of steps that will not be performed regularly and the client asked me to reduce the number of steps as much as possible. I think I saw \ heard it is possible. Anybody can help me and say how to do it?


To assign a TI process to a wizard step here is a very basic sample.

First, create a custom function in the custom-wizard.service.js file under apq-c3-custom folder.
You can call this function anything, in this case, it’s DeleteData.

DeleteData (step) {
        CustomWizard.self.$tm1Ui.processExecute('UX_Demo', 'Bedrock.Cube.Data.Clear','pCube', 'Employee', 'pFilter', 'Year: 2020 & Version: Budget').then(function (result) 
            if (result.success) {
            console.log('Data deleted')

Then you need to call this function in the advanced options of the necessary sub step. (nextCallback: DeleteData)

  "wizard": {
    "backTitle": "< Back",
    "nextTitle": "Next >",
    "backCallback": "myBackFunction",
    "nextCallback": "DeleteData",
    "stepChanged": "myStepChangedFunction",
    "onFinish": "myFinishFunction",
    "loadingWizardTitle": "Wizard loading",
    "allowClickNav": true,
    "NextTooltip": "Next Page",
    "PrevTooltip": "Previous Page",
    "nextDisabled": false,
    "backDisabled": false

Also, you may need to restart the Apliqo Application Service.

And here is the result.