UX Toolkit


I’m trying to configure the toolkit, but keep running into error below.

My contentStore version according to the dimension element is 2.5.2, even though I performed a fresh install of 2020.08. I check with with @rmazziero and their fresh install of 2020.08 also states 2.52 as version.

["UX Toolkit", "(c) 2020 Apliqo AG", "Version: 1.1.5 Production", "Loading and parsing application settings [settings.json].", "Using path to instances.json supplied from settings.json [E:/ApliqoServer/webapps/ApliqoFPM/WEB-INF/instances.json].", "Application settings loaded.", "Loading instances.json file [E:\\ApliqoServer\\webapps\\ApliqoFPM\\WEB-INF\\instances.json].", "Loaded instances.json file", "Decoding password for content store", "Prerequisite not matching: Content Store model version should be >= 2020.8", "Prerequisites test detected errors, please correct them before continuing. Number of failed tests: 1"]
@cw-ch hoping you have some advice? Thanks in advance.

That is because of a known bug in the installer (missing some objects). If you check the APQ setting cube it’s showing the UX version older than 2020.8 even tho you installed 2020.8.

Copy the offline package and run the APQ Server Update process.
If it’s aborted that is due to the missing element (EncapsulatedPassword) in }APQ UX Instance Client Measure dimension and rule failure of }APQ UX Instance Client.
Clear the rule, run the APQ Server Update process (EncapsulatedPassword element will be created) and copy back the rule.

In the APQ setting, your version should now show 2020.08 and you should be able to proceed in the toolkit.

Thanks for the fix.