UX Screens Stop Working After Timeout


I have an issue where the UX screens stop working after the user has been inactive for a while and get timed out (I assume). There’s nothing to indicate to the user that they have been timed out, things just stop working.

The issue can be reproduced in the demo model by selecting the Custom Pop-Ups screen under the Planning & analytics Templates (5B). Just go to the page, leave it alone so it times out, then click on the “Move” popup. It doesn’t open, the dropdowns don’t work and so on. There’s no message to say that they have been timed out, you have to reload the page.

Is this a known issue?

Hi @R.B

thats a known issue which we considered as an extreme case.

we will introduce an automatic time out from the UX in the next versions.


@tganz you can also get the same behaviour from a “nervous or impatient user” who click-click-clicks around before the response from the last request has been returned can also induce a complete application freeze where the page and all navigation buttons become unresponsive and the only recovery is F5 on the browser. We should try and catch this

Can you be specific about what the know issue is. At the moment I have people commenting that it stops working, the example of clicking on a popup is just what I saw one person do and I realised they’d been timed out when I couldn’t see them as logged on in Pulse.


Probably they have been timed out but in Pulse you don’t always see the Rest threads. To see all threads connected via Rest session you need to use the session monitor in Arc.

From this path: C:\ApliqoServer\conf, which one to set up the session timeout?