UX Release 2.5.2

We are excited that after a few delays we can finally share with you the official 2.5.2 version! You can download the 2.5.2 installer from dropbox. (Don’t forget to run Apliqo UX locally you need a Canvas license for your PC. Note, this is planned to be the last version which will use the Canvas license. From the next release a separate UX license will be required.)

Although this was intended to be a maintenance and bug fix release a remarkable number of pretty cool new features made it in, including :

  1. Grid Widget ehhancements:
  • you can now add Toolbar Pop-ups, Table Pop-ups, Sparklines
  • dynamically change row and column subsets
  • cross-drill is now supported
  1. Chart enhancements
  • you can now drill on both the row and column series (including multiple level cross-drills)
  • consistent color matching for elements on all charts in the application
  • new chart types “Sales Funnel” & “KPI Trend”
  1. Input directly on consolidated cells (automated data spread input)
  2. A tm1Py based utility uxtoolkit.exe to make syncing security and metadata between instances a snap
  3. Content Store Toolkit Admin App
  • A new admin app which is shipped with the CS which allow to easily setup the content store and synchronize all the meta-data from the target instance.
  1. 23 bug fixes !

And more! – see the release notes for all the jucy detail!

In the release notes you will also find all the information needed for upgrading existing UX applications.

The demo application has been updated with examples of all the latest features as well as the new Content Store Toolkit app.


We have a fix pack release which also contains a few new features which weren’t quite ready at the 2.5.2 launch. Get the installer from dropbox!

The new features are:

  1. Navigation drill-through from a cell (previously row only without column context)
  2. Pop-ups can be re-sized and are dragable
  3. Heatmap – new chart type

Plus of course some bug fixes, this is a maintenance release after all!

The release notes are on ScreenSteps.