UX Not Returning Attribute Values

Hello team, I’m experiencing an issue where attributes are not being returned in UX. As a test, in a widget title I’ve put $<<C3.FIN Cost Center.FIN Cost Center::Region>>, which is a valid attribute, but nothing is returned. However, $<<C3.FIN Cost Center.FIN Cost Center-alias>> for the same element does return a value. Is there something obvious that is causing this issue?

Update: I’ve found that the attribute values appears on performing some additional navigation, but then will randomly disappear again, like the attribute sometimes doesn’t get resolved in time.



Did you put “getAllAttributeValues”:true to the filterBar advanced options?

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That’s it! I knew it would be simple. Sorry, new to UX so still coming to terms with the basics and couldn’t seem to find that setting in the user guides :slight_smile: