UX Interaction behaviour of Sorting and Drilling Down by

Hi all, I would like to bring in the discussion of the topic in which title indicated. To illustrate the situation, I posted the two actions I did below:

So this is a normal Drill Down by:

And if I sort it by “Total Unit Sold” first and then Drill Down by:

The sorting mechanism overrules the hierarchy structure.

Btw it happens in the dimension hierarchy too.

UX currently doesn’t have the built in ability to sort hierarchical. This is just a standard sort which considers each member independently therefore ignores the hierarchy structure (just like ascending/descending sorting in perspectives). The same applies when you cross drill.

We did talk about adding hierarchical sort in the UX summit but I don’t know think there is currently an ER for it.

You can request it here: https://bitbucket.org/apliqoc3ux/apq-c3-ux/issues?status=new&status=open

It’s possible. But it means the sort would need to be done via MDX as oposed to the built-in sort of the handsontable component so there would be a performance hit.

Yes! Also, MDX sort makes it more static. But you can solve the static-ness by referencing the sort basis measure to the filter selections (although it’s not as intuitive as clicking column header).