UX Excel upload for info


We are talking to a customer for a consolidation project.
They are looking for an option to upload an excel file.
The purpose is, to upload an excel file for a journal so that someone can download and see the detailed work.
No need to build a link to TM1 with excel content. Just for information in case.

What is the best practice for this? What are the options?

Any experience is appreciated.


You should be able to use the media uploader widget for this purpose. Just extendthe allowed file types to include xlsx.

Thanks. Not perfectly but I am able to do this.
The only problem is, when we open the popup, Apliqo is trying to download the file.
That is why I need to create a separate widget for this.

Sometimes the file is automatically downloaded, and sometimes it cannot. (maybe related to caching???)
So I put full path info into another widget, that users can copy/paste and download.

Hi, just wanted to point out that this is an interesting thread for us here too. It would be great to have some screens with an attachment adder and downloader (without viewing).
So far we also hit a wall with the Media Uploader/Viewer (which doesn’t work like a download attachment button)


Here is what I did for demo purposes.
Business need: users want to upload excel files which include detailed calculation of a number.
Example: users are inputting aje or rje for consolidation and they want to add the detail of that journal as excel file.
I am allowing users to upload excel file and then they can download it when needed.
Technically, ux is already storing file location to a cell, and I am converting that file name into an html link so that it is downloaded when the user clicks on the link.