UX Default Month referencing a cube cell value

Hi all,

How do I default the below SUBNM / selection to a value defined in a cube? say Sys Parameter or }APQ Settings?


Tried to play around, but couldn’t find the tricks, anyone can point me to a right direction?



You cannot define a default value from a cube.
But you can set an mdx to the month/year dimension, which has first element from cube without default value.
here is a sample mdx:

			TM1SUBSETALL( [Year] )
		} , [Year].CurrentMember.Name  = [System Info].([System Info].[Budget Year],[System Info m].[Default]))
	}, {
			TM1SUBSETALL( [Year] )

There is no really easy way to do this. As @monder already mentioned you could use MDX either directly or in a dynamic subset as source for the list and make sure that the 1st element in the list is the value stored in the cube.
Or you could use a javascript function to read the cube value and set the value for the hierarchy in the setting service prior to navigating to the page.
In both cases make sure the dafault value field in the cube settings is blank.

You could/should also create a enhancement request for this. I also think it would be a pretty nice feature to be able to set default element values by looking up cube values.