UX + Custom Portal Integration

Hi all,

At one of our customer, they require to integrate UX into their Corporate Portal, however, they are not expecting the users to prompt UX to login again.

They are trying to “hack” UX by simulating the login process, but seems like UX has many hopping behind the scene during the login process, and therefore it is not easy to simulate this behaviour.

Wondering if there is anyway to have something like TM1Web URL API, where I can pass in the login credential in plain text so that the user can login to UX home page automatically.

It is actually quite a common requirement for our region, and it is now a matter of whether our system can go live or not, as if cannot integrate properly, we pretty much cannot meet their security compliance requirement, so any help are welcome.



No one can help?

Hi Tat,

what you are after is integrating UX as in Iframe on another website.
its not something we support at the moment.

we dont have an API as well which allow you to interact with the UX from external source ,

so I’m afraid its not possible.

What if TM1 is setup with cam security and SSO, that does not work?

CAM Security is not feasible for this customer unfortunately.

The idea is something similar to TM1Web URLAPI, where the system should be embedded into a corporate portal with an automated login.

that won’t work either

Created an enhancement request, hopefully, to have this feature in a foreseeable future.