UX Burst via TI, possible?

Hi all,

Customer would like to use TI to burst out UX dashboard, is this something doable?

I can think of to execute a REST API function somehow and trigger Canvas report burst, but is there any sample we can try follow?



The report scheduler in UX is a server side component. There’s no way to trigger a burst via TI. It might be possible via ExecuteCommand if we had a command line interface for the scheduler, but I don’t think we do.

I think the best way to achieve what you want would be via a custom javascript function which would cycle through a filter subnm and do a print screen. It sounds like that is what you are talking about??

Yes, more a better requirement is to selectively only to pick a few element to burst, which I “think” could be difficult or (not sure how) to achieve via UX Burster (or Scheduler) alone.

Therefore wanted to have a TI interface where I can pre-defined all the logic first and then burst out from UX accordingly.