UX Bottom Scrollbar Issue

Hi all,

We have a relatively “long and wide” report that wanted to display on UX, and the users are using different sizes of monitor.

In order for it to be good looking, I may make the widget length to be longer, however, the bottom scrollbar become invisible.
In order for scrollbar to be visible, I need to make the widget length to be shorter, but for some users (many users) who are using a bigger monitor, half of the real estate wasted and just showing white.

What are my options to allow users with good user experience and and also a good looking report on UX? Or is this a limitation and I just have to live with it?



Use. 100% for
CardConfig height parameter in. Latest UX

Nice, thanks!

I guess we still need to wait for the official release, 2022.05 is still under Beta?

Does this still work if it is using the flexible mode?

No not. Working flexi grid mode Since that’s going to have its own hight