UX Bad Request

I have done a brand new installation on a server of the July Fix pack 2 UX. When the logon screen loads and right after sign-on I am getting error messages on the right hand side of the screen saying Bad Request as per the screenshot below.

When running it with console open there is a lot of Unauthorized errors as well as 2 Bad Request that points to the $Metadata that is related to the error I am seeing. When opening it gives me an error message of “Metadata is only available as XML”.

Comparing the steps to UX on my own machine that is working, the step is related to the

$EntityContainer: “ibm.tm1.api.v1.API”

call it is making to both the Data Model and ContentStore

How would I go about resolving this?

I upgraded a Dev environment yesterday (May version to July FP2) and noticed the same error messages. Haven’t had a chance to investigate further.

Just getting back to this - I didn’t update the settings.json file per the upgrade instructions. After doing that, no more errors!