Using unbound TIs for temporary ones created by Pulse

With the more over to REST API with Pulse 6, we were curious if the Pulse team had considered using unbound TIs for the temporary TIs that Pulse creates on each instance. This would make those temporary Pulse objects less permanent by leaving the “Data” folder unaltered.

Perhaps there are other considerations and prioritizations but just interested in understanding. Thanks!

Hi @weiview,

Yes it did it before. We found a memory leak from TM1 last time though with using unbound TI - that is why we switched over to using what it is today.

We will probably revisit this again and check if it has been fixed already - and weigh the pros and cons of using unbound vs what it has now.



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Ah that makes sense, thanks for the background @plim! We’ll keep our eye out if it ends up making a future Pulse release. Thanks!