Using Pulse to monitor core windows server metrics

Currently we are very happy with the metrics and alerts provided by Pulse for the operating system (CPU/Ram/Storage), as well as the alerts for TM1.

Can Pulse be used to monitor operating system metrics (CPU/Ram/Storage) without the install of TM1 server? Our operations team is interested in expanding the use of Pulse beyond monitoring only for TM1 servers, so they can get similar OD alerts on other non-TM1 servers.

Hi @gerald.grogan,

This is an interesting question, thanks for posting it. Pulse has been designed for TM1 Server installations, it searches for TM1 dlls and other libraries and files in order to start monitoring and save into its knowledge base. So technically, the product could be able to to get some stats from the OS (CPU, Memory, Disk) but features like alerts, performance reporting and others will not work properly. Added to this, Pulse is not able to monitor other OS processes rather than the TM1 services.

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