Using Pulse to Connect to PA models in the IBM cloud tenant

With the latest version of Pulse v5.7.7 is it possible to connect to a running of Planning Analytics in the BM cloud?

What are the steps that would make this work?

Hi @gerald.grogan,

No, that isn’t possible at the moment. We are working on rebuilding Pulse to enable support for the IBM cloud. No ETA yet but we will give an update later in the year.

Any updates on when Pulse will have the ability to connect to Planning Analytics in the IBM cloud tenants?

Hi Gerald,

It is being worked on by the Team, during the process we have identified a few issues in the REST API that need to be fixed before Pulse will work in a cloud environment (i.e. where Pulse only has access to the REST API and not local resources). We are hoping these will be fixed in TM1 11.4. No ETA yet but it is the top priority.

Thanks for the reply.
I am confused by the version you are referencing. How did you arrive at TM1 v11.4?

I was of the understanding that the most recent version of Planning Analytics is v2.0.5.

Hi Gerald,

It is confusing the numbering, internally the TM1 server has a version and then PA has its own number. TM1 v11.3 is PA 2.0.5. If you are using Arc you can see the TM1 version on the Configuration page, this comes directly from TM1.

Any updates to this topic?
Any estimate when this fix will be available from IBM that will allow pulse to connect to the IBM cloud tenants?

Hi @gerald.grogan,

We are working on what will become Pulse 6 which will support the IBM cloud. No release date as yet. Some of the features that we have for local Pulse won’t be available with the cloud but we are working with IBM to try to close the gap.

Is there any updates on this functionality? Pulse v6 release date?

Hi @gerald.grogan,

We are still working on it, we don’t provide release dates. We will have a beta version first that will be available for IBM Cloud customers, we are getting close to that being ready.

Do you have an update of the status of Pulse supporting IBM PA Cloud? I have a prospect who is very interested in Pulse, but they are moving from PA local to PA cloud.

We are in the initial stages of testing it. No ETA yet on general release.

Is there any updates on the expected ETA for Pulse supporting IBM PA Cloud?