User Stats - APQ UX Connection Analysis

Hi all,

We have user stats tracking enabled and find the User Stats admin apps very helpful in analyzing user activity. However, we have noticed that the two cubes that store the usage stats are not consistent. Namely that the usage by app (in “APQ UX App Log”) is accurate but the “APQ UX Connection Analysis” (which stores screen size, etc) dramatically understates the total logins. In fact, many users that access Apliqo daily do not have their login logged at all in “APQ UX Connection Analysis” but we do see the screens they access in “APQ UX App Log”. We are using CAM with SSO.

Has anyone else noticed similar behavior? Or is there some intricacy related to the Apliqo logging logic that I am missing? Thanks!

Hi @weiview
The APQ UX App Log cube is both a transaction store and analysis cube. However the APQ UX Connection Analysis cube is for reporting and analysis only and has a separate transaction store the APQ UX Connection Log cube. Data is transformed from the connection log to connection analysis via the process }APQ.UX.Cub.ConnectionAnalysis.Update which transforms string measures into dimension elements for browser, OS, Screen resolution, etc.
You need to run this process via the action button in the admin GUI then the Connnection Analysis will be up to date. Or you can schedule this process daily in a chore.

There is more information in the documentation UX Apps | UX Installation & Configuration Guide | Apliqo End User

@cw-ch thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I didn’t mention it before but I had run the TI that loads the Connection Analysis cube. The cube does show some data but a small subset of the total active users though.

Are you overriding the default parameters when running }APQ.UX.Cub.ConnectionAnalysis.Update ? (The default values will only capture login events for the current month)

When you look in the UX Connection Log cube are logins captured there or also absent? If that is the case then possibly the event at login which we are looking for to trigger the recording doesn’t happen with CAM SSO. We would need to look into that if you can confirm that thi is the case.

Can you confirm that all CAM users are added to the APQ User group?

I am also seeing the same missing client logins in “APQ UX Connection Log”. This cube seems to capture a few user logins every day but much fewer than the actual user logins. All CAM users are also in the “APQ UX Client” dimension. I wonder if it has to do with CAM SSO not always triggering the write action to the log cube?

This is my best guess.